Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to conduct Spiritual Scientific Research Together

As we prepare to shift some of the way we are working together, I find myself asking more frequently how we can actually begin to truly dig into explorative research together that has a spiritual scientific basis. So, I set out on a quest to find some way of developing healthy research parameters for myself, and to find a way to bring those to our work. I'm still sussing out what this really could mean, or look like, but I was pleasantly surprised to run across Michael Howard's "The Art of Spiritual Research" article from 2003 online this morning. I had forgotten about it.

Michael and I have had a few informal conversations about research, and how to do it. It was usually in relationship to those who are new to this kind of work to find others to work with/emulate/learn from. I recognize that this is an individual path, but I am wondering how we do this as a group in a way that is truly not just intuitively explorative with readings, but is a real journey into the heart of the question? Is it possible? Is it necessary? How do we determine the answers to these questions?

So, this all raises a thought: what is the foundational question of our work? I think we have to identify this in order to actually be able to explore it, research it from all angles, from various perspectives.

  1. What is our question?
  2. What is our approach?
  3. How do we metamorphosis the question and not lose its integrity?
  4. What are our observations?
  5. What are our inspirations?
  6. How do we share what we're doing in a way that is relevant, engaging and that contributes to others with similar questions?

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